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*SACRE and Religious information

What is a SACRE?
The acronym SACRE stands for Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education
Why is there a SACRE?
Every local authority (LA) has to have a SACRE by law.  In 1944, local education authorities (LEAs) were given the chance to set up a SACRE, if they so wished.  In 1988, all LEAs were required to have a SACRE.  It is now the Children's Services division of the LA that is responsible for making sure there is a SACRE.
What does a SACRE do?
There is no other group anywhere else like the SACRE; it is unique.  The law says that RE must be taught in all schools and a SACRE's role is to advise its local authority on what needs to be done to improve religious education (RE) and collective worship for schools in its area.
Who attends the SACRE meeting?
A SACRE is set up to represent a balance of all the interests of the local community.  You are likely to find elected councillors, representatives of faith communities, and members of the education community, including teachers and head teachers, at a SACRE meeting.  There may also be people representing teacher training in RE.
The Composition of a SACRE - There are four groups or committees, as below:
A: The Christian denominations and other religious and their denominations, reflecting the principal religious traditions of the area.
B: The Church of England
C: Teacher and head teacher associations
D: The Local Authority
Portsmouth SACRE meets once a term.  The minutes of the meetings can be found on the following link http://democracy.portsmouth.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=174&MId=2507&Ver=4

SACRE artefacts loan

SACRE provides for Portsmouth schools artefact boxes which are designed to support 'Living Difference'.  Each box must be collected by your school from EMAS.  The boxes are available to loan at £1 a box per week.  To avoid disappointment, you are advised to book early.  You can book your annual box requirements in one email at the beginning of each term.  Application form (located below) for the boxes must be sent directly to EMAS.  On line catalogues can be downloaded from below.  Any request regarding SACRE loan boxes to Rubi Giles on 023 9273 3130 or email rubi.giles@portsmouthcc.gov.uk .


Portsmouth SACRE directory/visits to faith communities

SACRE  has the responsibility to advise on matters relating to religious education and collective worship in Portsmouth schools. This directory has been produced in order to support Portsmouth teachers.  Many schools recognise the contribution visits and visitors from faith communities can make to religious education and collective worship. This has been borne out by positive OFSTED reports, which indicate how the quality of teaching and learning has been enhanced through pupils’ contact with representatives from faith groups and through visiting places of worship.


This directory has been produced to enable teachers to arrange visits or invite visitors into school from faith communities. It has not been the intention to include all the places of worship or faiths represented in Portsmouth. The list has been compiled through SACRE members in order to represent a variety of denominations within Christianity and each of the major world faiths identified in the Portsmouth agreed syllabus ‘Living Difference’. Where a faith group does not have a place of worship within the City of Portsmouth, contacts and addresses of the nearest places

of worship have been provided.


The SACRE directory can be downloaded from below.


Portsmouth SACRE has successfully run student enrichment conferences for a number of years.  Photos of the 2013 conference can be found below. 


EMAS provides information to schools relating to Ramadan and festival of Eid.  A copy of the latest information/advice for schools on Ramadan and the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr and how it might affect the pupils in school can be found in the

information below:


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