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*Racist Incidents

Materials available to support Racist Incidents:    


Purpose of the guidance for dealing with racist incidents
This document provides assistance to schools in addressing racist incidents.  As a result of successive legislation, the most recent of which is the Equality Act 2010, governing bodies need to ensure effective policies and strategies for tackling racist incidents and promoting racial equality.  
To be specific, schools cannot unlawfully discriminate against pupils because of their sex, race, disability, religion or belief and sexual orientation.  However, it is also expected that schools take positive action to target measures to alleviate disadvantage without discriminating unlawfully by excluding others, e.g. under this Act a school may run special catch-up classes for Roma pupils without discriminating unlawfully against other pupils.  Failure by a governing body to deal adequately with complaints of racial harassment could be seen as discrimination.
These guidelines are therefore designed to:
  • support schools in fulfilling their obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and to carry their to carry out their duty to promote community cohesion;
  • provide guidance to help establish effective procedures at school level for reporting and recording and dealing with racist incidents;
  • enable schools to satisfy the expectations of the Ofsted inspection framework;
  • contribute to developing a safe working environment for all students and staff and developing preventative measures so that they can achieve their full potential; and
  • contribute to the promotion of high standards in primary and secondary education.
'Dealing with racist incidents: Guidance for schools' can be downloaded from below.
Rubi Giles,
Nov 28, 2013, 7:09 AM