*Photos of welcoming school

A ‘Reception area’ welcome display is always a good idea.  EMAS has multi-lingual welcome posters* and greetings* which you are welcome to borrow from EMAS or we can bring a selection round to your school to discuss it with you.  Our website has some parent information leaflets (in different languages as well as English) on the importance of using first language at home which might be useful to display.  Other leaflets that might be useful in your school entrance area are also available.


Another idea for the school is to consider displaying a world map showing where the families at your school have their roots and include the languages they speak.  Many schools do this and it often generates a lot of interest.   Examples of these photos can be found below.


The Festival Packs* and Language of the Half Term Packs* - there is more information in the ‘EMAS Handbook’ - are display materials for class/whole school work, helping to promote the languages and cultures within your school community.
 * Some of the materials are only available to schools holding an SLA (level 1 subscription and fixed price packages).  
For copies of any of these materials, please contact EMAS office on 023 92733130 or email general.emas@portsmouthcc.gov.uk
Rubi Giles,
Nov 22, 2013, 5:05 AM