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Recipes from around the world

This resource can be printed off as a booklet to share recipes from around the world or as individual display posters, useful for dining halls or food technology classrooms.
Recipes include:
Bangladesh - Dahl, Tandoori Chicken
Bulgaria - Shopska Salad
China - Vegetable fried rice, Spring rolls
Congo - Muamba Nsusu
Czech - Potato salad
Eritrea - Zighini
France - Salade Nicoise
Iran - Sabzi Polo Mahi
Kurdistan - Kibbeh Chamusta
Lithuania - Kugelis
Peru - Papa a la Huancaina
Philippines - Pancit noodles
Poland - Faworki or chrusty, Kielbasa, Pierogi dumplings
Portugal - Arroz de Marisco
Romania - Mamaliga
Russia - Vinegret Salad
Saudi Arabia - Kabsa or Kabseh
Switzerland - Rosti
Thailand - Khao niew ma muang
Turkey - Baklava, Imam Bayildi
UK - Shepherd's Pie

These materials are only available free to schools holding an SLA (level 1 subscription and fixed price packages).   Colour booklets can be bought at a cost of £2.50 each to other schools.


For copies of any of these materials, please contact the EMAS office on 023 9273 3130 or email general.emas@portsmouthcc.gov.uk